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Project Diavel News
Hockey Shirt
The Project Diavel bike will be at the Salem Roadster Show and the Portland Roadster Show (see details at Rides Done Right. A t-shirt company has offered to make shirts that have my Project Diavel artwork on the back, and you can view several of their options on the RDR shirts page and there are links to contact the vendor directly to order.

Rides Done Right

Since I am starting a new website and YouTube channel for Rides Done Right, I will be posting all of my new videos on that channel instead. The new site will include a regular live podcast where I discuss various motorized topics with guests. Please subscribe and get involved with your posts - I want your feedback to help determine topics and more.

Custom Paint Parts Arrived

I picked up the hugger and case plates this week. I whipped up a quick two minute video to show the sweet custom look of Ducati red racing stripes on a DP carbon hugger.

SHAD Luggage and Backrest Installation Videos and Reviews

The SHAD hardbags and backrest have arrived and the reviews and videos are done. I am still waiting on some painted parts, but there are plenty of photos to see while waiting. For details, please see the SHAD page for the review details, the SHAD products area for prices, and the SHAD videos on the videos page.

SHAD Luggage and Backrest

SHAD USA is coming out with a fitment kit for the Diavel that will allow their SH36 cases and a custom backrest to both easily mount without having to switch out my rear signals. Check out the prototype I did in Photoshop to see what I am planning and stay tuned to see how it turns out.

Exodus 7 - Three Day Church Ride

I just got back from another three day ride, this time Northern Oregon and Central Washington with over 30 bikes. I documented the ride in this video which is a real tame ride with Harleys and Goldwings, but parts may be interesting for some of you.

Project Diavel: The Movie

Finally, the wait is over and this video is done. It's been a long few months trying to get this finished, and I pulled an all nighter to finish it in the weee hours of this morning.

Epico Giro - Riders Versions by Day

Each of the three days has been compiled into their own videos. See more onboard footage and no cheezy Italian accents. Find the Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 videos on the Action Videos page.

Epico Giro 2015 - 4 Bikes 3 Days 1412 Mile Adventure Ride

We got back this week and the ride lived up to its name. I created an Epico Giro web page specifically to capture some of the highlights (and I plan to add some more of the onboard action segments). We talked in our cheezy Italian accents throughout the trip and the video is packed with some funny commentary, lots of photos, and some of the segments from onboard cameras.

Go Cruise Throttle Lock - Affordable Cruise Control for Diavel

I mounted the new Go Cruise 2 to the bike and it works great. The product section and video review have been added in their areas.

Snippet from Project Diavel: The Movie

While waiting for the mini-movie to finish final editing, here is a sample of a cool scene with an uninvited guest on our video action page.

Project Diavel and Harley Rocker at the 2015 Oregon Motorcycle Expo

Project Diavel was on display for the three day 2015 Oregon Motorcycle Expo in Portland Oregon last weekend. The bike won Best Sport Bike in Class. One of the Orange County Choppers bikes was on display directly in front of us. See a video with display walk around, slides from the show, and a sneak preview of "Project Diavel: The Movie" on videos page 2.

Coming Soon: Project Diavel - The Movie

I just finished filming a three day video shoot with a professional company that includes lots of great drone footage - and a police chase! I saw some footage of the first day and it came out pretty nice. We are planning a short and long version, with a standard and alternative ending. The first one will be ready in a couple of weeks.

The Project Diavel bike and my Harley Rocker will both be featured in a special prime location at the three day Oregon Motorcycle Expo (June 26-28), so if you are in (or can get to) the Portland area - please stop by and let me know you've been watching this web site. We plan on having various videos including the fresh release of Project Diavel - The Movie (well more like a mini movie) in a special long form.

AGV Corsa Circuit Helmet Review, Video, Photos

The helmet got here last week and I was able to get the decals made and installed today. See the review and video links for more details, and see photos in the photo album.

Puig Sport Windscreen Review, Video, Photos

The updates for the Puig windscreen have been posted. The adjustable screen is great. I show the comparison to the Roadster and the screen in its up and down positions. See the review and video links for more details, and see photos in the photo album.

Sargent Seat Review, Videos, Photos

Project Diavel made history with Sargent seats, with several firsts. If you haven't seen perforated leather or heat on a Diavel seat, you will be interested in the details. This was an extensive review and it required two long videos, so I created an entire page exclusively for Sargent.

The Puig video is in final edit stage and the review will be done soon. I'm also told the custom decals for the helmet will be ready in the next few days, so updates for the helmet will be coming soon as well.

I also added several new photos to the Photo Album.

Lots of Stuff Arrived Today

I've been waiting on a bunch of stuff, and the last few days was like Christmas. The Sargent seat, Puig windscreen, Ducati clutch cover, and my AGV Corsa Circuit helmet are all here. I've started with the seat first, because it has been the longest wait and is a big ticket item (almost as much as my helmet). Watch for the lots of reviews, photos, and videos in the next week or so.

DUCABIKE Reservoirs Installed Today

I replaced the OEM reservoir covers with DUCABIKE covers that I got from Bellissimoto today. I didn't do a video on the install (since it was two bolts off, then the same two bolts on), but they will appear in all the future videos and photos. They look really clean on the bike.

Project Diavel on Red Car Photo Day

My brother Don called and said he had some of his red cars at his house today and was going to do a Red Car Photo Day and said I should come over. We took a lot of photos and I posted three of them in the Photo Album - specifically in front of carriage house, with his custom Cameo, and a panoramic photo in front of his house.

I heard back from Sargent regarding the seat and they said they have been doing real-world tests on the new moisture barrier, and the Project Diavel seat will be the first Sargent Seat ever to have this new technology. They said they would get back to me with the ETA.

Ram Mounts for GoPro Mounted Today

I played with my Ram Mounts today and updated the products page, review page. and videos page. Their products are great and mount much better than any of my GoPro mounts (much more stable).

My helmet arrived today, but unfortunately it was a size too small. I read this, but decided to order based on the sizing chart (should have listened to other reviews, they fit tight)... but man did that thing look sweet... cannot wait to get it.

Factory Ducati Parts

I ordered some Ducati parts today from Ducati Omaha, and created a new spot for them on the products page. They have one of the largest online Ducati stores in the world, and if you are looking for parts for your Ducati, they will give you an additional 5% off of their already good prices, by entering "Lulays" in the discount code when you check out of their store.

Selected Helmet and Ordered Puig Parts

After looking at a jillion photos, and watching a jillion videos - and then looking at more... I finally decided which helmet to go with today and ordered an AGV Corsa Circuit. It's currently in route, and I am hoping to do some customizing to it this week, followed up with some ride time. This means I should be doing a review on it in the next two or three weeks. I created a new area on the products page for it, so you can check it out while we wait.

I also confirmed my order with Puig today, who has just released some new products for the Diavel.

Noise Comparison Video of Harley versus Diavel

Today I was asked to show the noise difference between my Diavel and my Harley, so I went to my garage and started them at the same time and blipped the throttle of each to compare. See the videoVideo and see if you can decide which one is louder.

1st Ride Video Before Tuner and Order Ram Mounts for GoPro

I wanted to get a video on board before I put the tuner on, so you get an idea of the before and after sound in town and with a bit of a rip. Check it out on the new Videos 2Video page which will contain videos of the bike in motion.

I ordered some Ram Mounts that are going to help me finally get some good mounting positions for my GoPro on the bike. They make lots of options for motorcycle mounts, so I ordered a bunch of stuff that will be here soon. In the meantime, you can find some of the stuff I have coming on the Ram Mounts area of the products page.

Narrowed My Helmet Search

I have been hot to find a helmet and it looks like I've got it down to two brands. I will try to determine in the next couple of days and break the news on the latest brand to be working with Project Diavel.

Identifying Puig Parts

Puig looks to be our latest brand. I am going through their products and narrowing down the order. I will be replacing my Ducati Performance Roaster shield (first thing I bought at about day 3) with Puig's adjustable shield. I'm still trying to determine whether to go with Sport and Touring, or just the Sport shield. Details will be coming soon.

Sargent Seat Status

I touched base with the Sargent rep, and he said they have developed a new method of creating a pull-down with the Diavel seat - and the Project Diavel seat is the first leather one they are using this new method. He also said tri-color will be made in leather to go with the seat (they usually use a machine grade vinyl)... and he said it is looking really good and will be an attention getter! It will be shipped this week, so the installation and review is coming soon.

BMC Air Filter Install and Review

The BMC race air filter arrived and the reviewReview and videoVideo pages have been updated.

Review and Video of the DUCABIKE Evo III Levers

The DUCABIKE Evo III levers are one of my favorite updates. The review, video, and products pages have been updated.

DUCABIKE Rearset Pegs Installation and Review

Today I installed the DUCABIKE rearset pegs and created the related review/video areas on those pages.

DUCABIKE Trinkets Installation and Review

The bike has returned from its 600 mile checkup and is ready for the next round of updates. The latest review and video has been added to this site re: DUCABIKE billet parts. Brake levers, rearsets, and performance upgrades are coming up next. The Sargent seat has been ordered and should be here in April 2015. See the Products/Reviews/Videos pages for the details.

Bike Getting 1st Service and RapidBike and DUCABIKE Parts Arrived

The bike is at the dealership for it's 600 mile service and some warranty work. RapidBike and DUCABIKE parts arrived a few days ago and will be ready for installations and videos as soon as the bike is back. In the meantime, I've been working on some of the site's new areas and pre-filling some of the information so I will have a head start when reviews resume. And of course, I am on the prowl for more cool stuff that will be added to the project.

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