Epico Giro - The Epic Ride

Four guys, three days, 1412 mile adventure ride in Southern Oregon, California, and the coastline. I started planning this trip in January 2015 and named it "Epico Giro" (Italian for Epic Ride).

Epico Giro

I gave each of the boyz "Italian Themed" names and we talked with accents the whole ride - which made it real fun and funny. See the profile photos of each of us: Geno, Koggs, Mikelli, Larzini. When we took photos, we were sure to be "larger than life" and really acted out - which made everything light and fun. We laughed and smiled that whole trip... simply Epic! This page is scattered with links to some of the photos and videos from that trip. We had two cameras mounted with Ram Mounts at front view, so some of the videos capture some of the great roads we were on.

CAUTION: the accents were for play and enjoyed by the four participants, so I carried that through the Epico videos... they are not meant to be taken seriously and some visitors may find them childish... if that is you, you can always turn the volume off or skip to the onboard shots where there is no commentary.

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  • Epico Giro: The Ride - Day 1VideoYouTube | Day 2VideoYouTube | Day 3VideoYouTube
    These are the rider versions that include more onboard video and no commentary.
  • Epico Giro 2015 (reduced Full Length version)VideoYouTube
    Rider profiles, photos, onboard videos, and short funny stories with merged photos and videos. Caution: contains cheezy Italian accents. Length - 20:45 minutes
  • Slo Motion DiavelVideoYouTube
    Nice slow motion video riding bye. Length - 15 seconds
  • Riding Under BabeVideoYouTube
    A last minute decision to take my bike under Babe the bull, fortunately Koggs had his camera rolling. Length - 2:08 minutes
  • Hotel Parking: How toVideoYouTube
    How to park "like a boss" at a hotel. Length - 59 seconds
  • PosingPhoto
    That great looking old building was begging to have a beautiful Ducati posing in front of it.
  • Mountain ShotPhoto
    Somewhere between Crater Lake, OR and Weed, CA we pulled over and snapped some shots.
  • Koggs WheelieVideoYouTube
    Koggs got a little wheelie action and I was fortunate to capture it. I have some fun with the commentary - like only close friends can. Length - 1:41 minutes

Day 1 - Salem, OR to Crater Lake to Red Bluff, CA

We started out in Salem Oregon and rode to Crater Lake. We found out early that summer fires would play a role in this trip, as Crater Lake was smoke filled. The cloud cover was welcomed after so many 100 degree days and the ride to the summit was comfortable and we were blessed to keep a very nice pace. The ride through the pass by Lake Shasta was a blast riding down the highway (minimal traffic and lots of corners at highway-ish speeds). All the fires caused us an un-foreseen problem - all the out of town fire fighters took all the Hotel rooms. Red Bluff was full and a guy at one of the hotels was really nice and called around Redding and found us a hotel, so we went back to Redding, un-packed, and went to eat at In-and-Out Burger (we got animal style fries - pretty good). When we got back, I parked like a boss in the front of the hotel beside the front door (instead of in a parking spot).

Day 2 - Redding to Arcata, CA via some Amazing Mountain Roads

We got up and Hwy 36 (the main road we came to CA for) was closed due to the fires. So we changed routes and took 299 and some other cool roads to Arcata. We found one lane goat roads, tight twisties, and smooth fast corners... it was a smorgasbord of corners and made the epic ride we were hoping for. We had a hiccup when the only guy without a tire repair kit (Geno) got a flat... but he stayed in great spirits and the whole episode made for great video (see the flat tire scene at 16:02 of Day 2 Movie or 12:35 of the Full Movie Reduced Version). We got into Arcata after 9:00 and had a bit of an issue with hotels again and by the time we got to eat it was 9:55 and the mexican food place nicely allowed us to order and waited until we were done eating. The hotel kept the hot tub and pool open for us, so we got about a half hour when we got back to the hotel before going back to the rooms for sleepy time.

Day 3 - Arcata, CA to Lincoln City, OR to Salem, OR

Anyone visiting the coast knows you can get a mixed bag of weather and it frequently can get socked in with misty type weather, and a couple of miles in it can be 90 degrees... but in our case we had clear sunny weather the entire CA, OR coastline with temps in the 70's and beautiful clear skies. I had never ridden that much of the coastline and the ride could not possibly have gone better.

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