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This page includes videos with the bike moving (non-review type videos). I upload all my videos to YouTube. Please Subscribe to Our Channel if you are interested. If you have other video suggestions, please email me at for details.

Videos 1 = Review, Videos 2 = Action

Project Diavel: The Movie

Project Diavel: The Movie YouTube

I've been looking for an excuse to get to go play on the street with police and this little mini movie gave me the excuse I was looking for. A great opportunity to mix what I've done on the bike and learned playing with video stuff, and with the help of some new friends that have a drone and movie company - we merged some stuff together. Hours of editing and it's not perfect, but hey I'm just some dude having fun - so it is what it is. I tried to get Angus Young to authorize some of their music, but I had no idea how to get a hold of him - so it is mixed with the best legal music I could find that worked with what I was doing.

Length - 6:47 minutes

Teaser from Project Diavel: The Movie

Video Snippet from Project Diavel: The Movie YouTube

While waiting for the full video, here is one of the shots from the movie with me buzzing by at a fair speed with an uninvited guest attempting to stay with me. It's under a minute, but was one of many fun things done for the little mini movie.

Length - 51 seconds

2015 Oregon Motorcycle Expo

Project Diavel and Harley Rocker at the 2015 Oregon Motorcycle Expo YouTube

I showed both my bikes at the 2015 Oregon Motorcycle Expo. The Ducati Diavel won Best Sport Bike in Class and the Harley Rocker won Best Custom in Class and Best in Show. It was a 100 degree weekend and we were blessed to have a spot that was under cover and shaded throughout the event. Editing for the Project Diavel mini movie finished late the night before the show and debuted at the show. See more of my Rocker details at

Length - 3:38 minutes

Harley vs Ducati

Compare Harley and Diavel Noise at Idle YouTube

In this video I do cold starts of both of my bikes at the same time, then I walk around back for a bit, and finally I blip the throttle of each. My Harley has a Screamin' Eagle 103 kit with Vance and Hines short shots - see more about it at

Length - 3:51 minutes

Ride 1

Pre-Tuner Little Rip YouTube

May 1, 2015 - This video was out of the garage for a brief rip, then back. You'll see/hear it rip 2nd to 4th, and loping in town. Plus a wave at the police and nod to the Harley guy.

Length - 3:03 minutes

Epico Giro 2015

Videos from our 4 bikes 3 days 1412 mile adventure ride which included Crater Lake, the Redwoods in California, and the California/Oregon coast line. Some of the following videos (indicated with Caution: Cheezy Italian) include commentary by me attempting to be funny with an Italian accent. If you don't like the cheezy commentary, just turn the volume down on those parts or fast forward to the action.

Epico Giro - Day 1

Epico Giro 2015 - Day 1 YouTube

Salem to Crater Lake to Red Bluff

This is the rider version that includes more onboard video and no commentary. Starts in Salem, then to Crater Lake, then to Red Bluff, and ends at a hotel in Redding.

Length - 9:08 minutes

Epico Giro - Day 2

Epico Giro 2015 - Day 2 YouTube

Redding to Arcata via Mountain Roads

This is the rider version that includes more onboard video and no commentary. Starts in Redding, then through the mountains until ending at Arcata. This day was a smorgasbord of ride segments and we were blessed to get a day riding like this. You will see some spirited riding in the middle segments (I identify my favorite segment, even though they all were amazing).

Length - 21:14 minutes

Epico Giro - Day 3

Epico Giro 2015 - Day 3 YouTube

Arcata, CA to Lincoln City, OR to Salem

This is the rider version that includes more onboard video and no commentary. The weather was amazing - not a single drop of rain, no drizzle, clear skies, and in the 70's the entire coastline.

Length - 12:44 minutes

Epico Giro

Epico Giro 2015 (reduced Full Length version) YouTube

Rider profiles, photos, less onboard videos, and short funny stories with merged photos and videos.

Length - 20:45 minutes

Caution: Cheezy Italian Accent Commentary

Slow Motion

Slo Motion Diavel YouTube

Nice slow motion video riding bye.

Length - 15 seconds

Babe the Bull

Riding Under Babe YouTube

A last minute decision to take my bike under Babe the bull, fortunately Koggs had his camera rolling.

Length - 2:08 minutes

Caution: Cheezy Italian Accent Commentary

Parking How To

Hotel Parking: How to YouTube

How to park "like a boss" at a hotel.

Length - 59 seconds

Caution: Cheezy Italian Accent Commentary

Exodus 7

Exodus 7 YouTube

August 21-23, 2015 - This video covers the three day ride sponsored by Morning Star Church in Salem OR (if you are looking for a great church family, consider coming here with us). This is the longer full version that includes more ride footage and commentary. Three days, two states, and over 30 bikes that were mostly Harley Davidsons and Honda Goldwings, but also included other brands like Yamaha, BMW, VTX, and one Ducati :)

Each bike also included a rider ;) and we rode with other Christians and friends of the church fellowship... where God and fellowship was the other main focus of this three day ride. My good friend Dan Morett (Laura Morett's famous husband) got the most "air time" in this video since I was his wing man most of the ride. On occasion, Dan can be just as much of a doof ball as I am. My new friend Jeff Warden also got some good "air time" with his Harley. Both guys were good at pointing out obstacles (one of those times is featured at 5:35 of this video were the both pointed out the "boulder" in the middle of the road).

The route that Scott Lute and his guys chose was great and offered some good roads and amazing views (even though they were blanketed by the fires around each state). I really enjoyed getting an opportunity to meet people I otherwise would likely have not taken the time to meet. Dan and I had an opportunity to talk about some pretty deep issues that most of us ponder in life, which just continued to strengthen an already amazing friendship. I would encourage everyone to take opportunities to go on church sponsored rides.

God blessed and everyone got home safe without issues (that I am aware of).

Length - 16:14 minutes

Exodus 7 - Short Version

Exodus 7 (short version) YouTube

August 21-23, 2015 - This is the short version for those that just want to get a quick overview without commentary.

Length - 8:22 minutes

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