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Larry Lulay offers complete assistance to fully market your brand - which includes creating or redesigning your logo, business cards, T-shirts, tri-fold flyers, banners, vehicle stickers, web sites, advertisements, and more. He carefully considers how your advertising methods will work together for the long term - to enable more easily expandable marketing possibilities.
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Many businesses start their marketing presence as an after thought. Marketing is not their business so they take short cuts, use a minimized budget, and hurry through the process of creating a logo, slogan, business cards, and even their final step - creating a web presence. These key marketing components depend on each other, and it is important to make sure each works well with the other. These marketing steps are vital to compete at the highest levels - whether you are competing with a neighborhood business or trying to compete in national or international markets. With experience in local, national, and international marketing - Larry specializes in brand management to help you move your business to the next level.

If you have existing materials, Larry is here to make your materials better than before. If you don't have materials, but want to attack your industry with a competive logo, business cards, banners, flyers, and web site - start here.

Since Larry is the webmaster for the Oregon Department of Education (as a full time job since 1999), he works these projects after hours and on weekends from his home. Call him at 503-743-9999 to begin your next project.

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