Lulay's Harley Davidson Rocker C
  • Screamin Eagle Performance
  • 103 Big Bore Kit: cylinders, pistons
  • Pro Heads
  • 570 Cams DG S
  • SE High Flow Air Intake
  • Pro Super Tuner
  • Compression Release Kit
  • Chrome Vance & Hines Short Shots;
  • Performance Machine Chrome Wheels, Discs, Pulley;
  • Avon Tires;
  • Fenders - Custom made by VRC Choppers;
  • Body / Paint - Todd Hollis;
  • Custom Paint / Flames - Kerry Elwood;
  • HD Digital Speedometer, Analog Tach
  • HD Bullet front spoiler with rail covers;
  • HD Chrome: lever covers; swing arm kit; axle covers;
  • HD LED Headlight;
  • HD Flush Mount Gas Caps;
  • Kuryakyn Grips, Pegs, Pedals, Levers, License Plate;
  • LED Signals, Integrated Signals / Running Lights;
  • Chrome Shorty Mirrors;
  • 2014 Bobber Conversion
    • Custom Danny Gray Cow/Gator Leather Seat;
    • Bobber Pan Kit;
  • Lux Lighting Systems - 3 zone Custom Installation;
  • Love Jugs - Dual Billet Chrome Cooling Fans
... complete list

Custom Harley Davidson Rocker C

2015 Show

6/26/2015 - 6/28/2015 - Oregon Motorcycle Expo

2014 Modifications

Larry Lulay is a graphic artist and web designer with a passion for motorcycles. This site provides details on modifications and accessories I've done to my bike. Watch close for links to great resources, and click photos for high resolution.

Lulay Bike Sites: Rides Done Right Bikes | Harley Rocker | Custom Honda VTX | Project Diavel (Ducati)

This website is based on the extensive customizing I did to my 2008 Harley Davidson Rocker C. I did it in two phases, the first started in the winter of 2012 and the second started in the winter of 2013 and was completed mid summer of 2014.

In 2008, Harley came out with a unique bike (called the Rocker) that more closely resembled a custom chopper. The C model came with extensive factory chrome options. This web site contains details on the modifications I made to my Rocker.

Performance mods were done before the bike left the dealer (see specs on right). There were several things about the stock one that I knew I wanted to change, so I made my list and started prioritizing. Because I have an analytical background, I felt compelled to extensively research the options - and because of my graphics background I decided to create a Harley Rocker - Stock vs Mockup prototype in Photoshop to help me stay focused, plus give those that would be helping me a visual of what I wanted to do.

Wheels and tires are a major visual on any vehicle project and I searched all over the net looking at photos and brands trying to narrow down my options. Performance Machine has a good reputation and some of the best designs out there. Based on my bike's model having so much chrome, I stuck with the theme and ordered all chrome. The design was difficult because I couldn't find another Rocker that had the wheels I chose, but I just felt these had enough "mean" and enough "clean". I fell in love with the looks of the Avon tires, and it doesn't hurt that the performance marks are top of the chain. I knew I wanted to go as wide as possible on the back, so going with a 250 rear tire was a no brainer... but I really struggled with the width on the front tire. I knew I wanted a 21 inch (the stock 19 was too small, and I don't like the radical difference of 23 and larger). The width was tougher decision because I knew a 3 inch wide wheel would make it handle better, but I preferred the looks of the narrower tire. In the end I simply based my decision knowing that I wasn't going to be taking long rides (touring) with this bike, so form won out over function and I went with the narrow wheel/tire combo on the front.

Some of the mods that I couldn't buy off the shelf were the fenders and the paint. I couldn't stand the looks of the stock fenders (particularly the front one), and I wanted to incorporate more black and custom art in the paint.

I worked with Carey Vanderbeck (of VRC Choppers) on my VTX build and he is an awesome fabricator, so I got a hold of him to do my mods. The front and rear fenders are all metal. I ordered a blank half round fender for the front, and we cut the pieces to get the affect I was going for (a chopped front fender with a scoop). Rear Fender Mockup I bought a stock Rocker rear fender and we pretty much cut it in half, and used the second half to get the effect I wanted for the back fender's built in light bar. We also modified the mount points of the rear fender to get it closer to the rear tire. I am condensing a whole bunch here, because the details would bore most folks... but there was WAY more to these fenders than "just" what I am listing. I had a jillion hours of just messing with the Photoshop mockups (see some of the animations First, Second, Third) to get the basic dimensions and compare paint scheme ideas.

My brother Don helped with the layout on the back fender, which got it to a much cleaner look than I originally designed.

When the fenders were done, I took them to Todd Hollis Automotive and he did his body magic to them. The goal here was to make the fenders look like they could have come that way from the factory, and Todd did a great job finishing them, then painting the base black.

While Don was building his custom Willy's, I went over and watched a local artist (Kerry Elwood) do his flames... and I was hooked and decided I wanted Kerry to do some flames for my bike project. I'm going with a pretty aggressive design that combines true flames, standard paint flame design, and ghosting with bevels and drop shadows.

Photo Album

Custom Harley Rocker As anybody that has a bike knows, the tweaks are still under way... but the main part of the project was completed at end of May 2013 and the next significant updates were in 2014. Click here or the animated images above to view the complete photo gallery.

I'm making the complete replacement list (that provides full parts details and costs of items) available for those that are wondering what the name of some of the parts are, and what they cost.

In July 2013 I showed the bike at Good Vibrations and it took 1st place "Best in Show". The photo at the right was taken on the way to that show... I saw the fountains were turned on in front of the Oregon State Capitol and there weren't any cars, so came the photo op (it's worth clicking the photo to see the close up).

In July 2015 the bike was on display with my Project Diavel bike in the Oregon Motorcycle Expo three day show. It won Best in Show, Best Custom, and Best Display.


YouTube I'm in the process of putting up various videos covering the modifications that were made in 2014. Here is the complete list of my Rocker videos so far:
  • Original Full Build Video (9 minutes)
    See a slide show and video walkaround with the bike running. For you music haters, I turn the music off when it gets to the part with the bike running - so you will only hear the bike.
  • In Action on the Street
    These videos were taken from a cell phone and give an idea of what the bike sounds like in traffic and how the wheels and hubs look. Accent Lighting
  • Accent Lighting
    Random Lightening Mode - Dark (1 minutes, 15 seconds) Random Lightening Mode - Light (2 minutes, 23 seconds)
    These aren't the best quality, but give you an idea. The accent lights have four modes and three zones.
  • Love Jugs
    • Custom Mods to Work with Rocker (10 minutes, 30 seconds)
      I narrate the details of what I had to modify to make the Love Jugs work on my Rocker because of the grenade.
    • Open the Package (1 minute, 21 seconds)
      Simple video to show buyers what the package looks like - no sound.
  • My Channel
    This is the complete list of all of my videos. Subscribe to my channel to get notified when I add a new one.

If you enjoyed this page, you might be interested in my Custom Honda VTX 1800 pages. I went into more of the build details on that one.

If you have a custom project and want a cool site like this for it, I can be contacted at See all of my bike stuff at Rides Done Right Bikes.

Harley Cartoon

Custom Artwork

I also do caricatures and custom cartoons, with special interest in car and motorcycle projects. Click the image to see the full size or visit for more.
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