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WingMan Force

Name:  Logitech - WingMan Force


Logitech Description:
Unique cable- drive system gives you as much as a pound of force and provides measurably quieter, smoother motion than gear- based force feedback joysticks. Based on technology used to control robots, cable-drive provides a more precise feeling for everything from the very first moments when your plane starts to stall out to the largest explosions.

9 programmable buttons. Easily customize buttons to put a wide variety of features and commands at your fingertips.

Rapid-fire trigger; 8-way hatswitch; Thumb controlled high-precision throttle.

Get the award-winning WingMan grip, a base that gives you room to rest your hands, and easy access to all the buttons. USB and serial interface. Plug it into a single serial or USB port. Use it with other USB devices including rudders and throttle for even more control over your games.

CORNDOG 7/10/2001  - Welcome to the world of force-feedback! If you've never felt the thump of 20mm cannon shells tear mercilessly into your crippled P-51 as you struggle hard against the stick to pull out of an uncontrollable dive then you have not experienced all that gaming has to offer. Humans have five senses but only two are used in gaming. IF you have a FF joystick you will be using 3 senses, and hey, 3 out of 5 ain't bad. Force-feedback adds another dimension to your gaming. It aids in the immersion factor and helps to suspend disbelief. In short, it makes you part of the game. If you want to be part of the game, read on.

Is the Force with You? 87.6
First Impression Yikes! Where will I put this thing? If it's all about size then this joystick wins hands down. It must be the official state joystick of Texas! 9.5
Software Installation I wish I could say this went smooth but it didn't. Logitech included a bum CD with my joystick so I couldn't install the software! I E-mailed Logitech with a request for a new CD. Instead, they suggested I download the latest drivers and software. Not the solution I was looking for but hey, I wanted to play. Physically connecting the joystick to the computer went very smooth. Logitech thoughtfully included a y-style connector allowing either a serial or USB port connection. 6.5
Software Controller Interface One of the best features of the Logitech software is the Wingman Profiler. It allows you to configure your joystick for each game you have. You can even launch games from it. Once you have a custom profile for a given game you can save it. Logitech offers pre-made profiles for popular games on their website you can download. Very cool feature. You can also tweak the joystick sensitivity, adjust the force-feedback strength, centering spring strength, and damping. It also allows you to test the joystick using pre-set force effects. My favorite is the toilet flush! 9.0
Game Included European Air War. This is supposed to be a first-class WWII air combat simulator but I really wouldn't know. Why? Because Logitech failed to include a manual of any kind! Not even a quick reference card! Because of this I wasn't able to explore every aspect of the game but it served it's purpose of demonstrating the capabilities of this astounding joystick. The buffeting you feel when your P-38 Lightning is on the verge of a stall will send a chill down your spine. 7.0
Help Instructions Not much. Then again, not much is needed. There is a small troubleshooting card included as well as a technical support phone number. I will take this opportunity to point out the excellent support available on Logitech's website. It is much more comprehensive and helpful than anything that comes in the box with the joystick. 7.0
Comfort Fits like a glove may be an overused cliche' but it really does fit like a glove! Unless you happen to be left-handed, in which case you're up a creek without a joystick. All buttons are rubber coated for grip and have a very nice feel and click. This joystick is very ergonomically correct. Your right hands rests on the stick where it is able to activate the trigger switch, 8-way hat switch and thumb switch. Your left sits atop the base ready to manipulate the throttle wheel and five button switches. 9.9
Construction (Quality) In the world of joysticks you could look a long time and not find anything even remotely in the same league as this bad boy. Quality oozes from every molecule. The plastic is not the hard brittle kind (I hate that kind), the buttons don't squish (I hate squishy buttons). There is even an infrared sensor in the grip so it knows when you are holding it. It won't engage the force-feedback unless a hand is on the grip. The mechanism is very quiet and smooth. No grinding or whining noises. Very high quality. 9.9
Looks Conservative. Clean. Sharp. Muscular. These are words that come to mind when I look at this joystick. It doesn't look like a toy, it looks like a tool and I appreciate that. Joysticks don't need more than two colors on them and they don't need to look like alien artifacts. I like the way this joystick looks, pure and simple. 9.9
Value (price for what you get) This joystick is no longer being made, but you can still find it if you look hard enough. The prices are way down which means the value is way up. I paid forty dollars for mine over the internet and haven't had one moment of regret. That's a lot of joystick for a little cash. And isn't the bottom line what it's all about? 9.9
Recommend to Others If you are in the market for a force-feedback joystick and don't need, want, or can't afford the latest generation, then I suggest you check out the Logitech Wingman Force. If you shop around on the 'net you should still be able to round one up. 9.0



  • Make better CD's! I still don't know why the installation CD didn't work but it didn't work on my friend's computer either. The rest of the joystick is about as close to perfection as one could hope to get. Stay the course, Logitech!