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Quantum FighterPad

Name:  InterAct - Quantum FighterPad


InterAct Description:
For the tuff guys out there, InterAct has produced a solid, extremely durable, state-of-the-art FighterPad. Designed exclusively for the Dreamcast, this controller is fully programmable with an arcade style 6 button front layout and for the more traditional, 2 added buttons underneath. It features both an analog and digital pad, as well as slots for the Visual Memory Card and TremorPak. Now multi-step combos can be easily and quickly assigned to a single button and the added auto-fire and program functions make this a quantum leap in controller technology.

When you‘re pounding some scrub into the ground, a couple extra buttons on the face of the pad are pretty helpful. Programmability is very helpful, too - You hit a button and watch a mad combo explode all over your unfortunate opponent. Maybe the auto-fire feature will be your greatest weapon, allowing you to continually pummel with the same blow. You get the two slots for simultaneous vibration and saving. All the good stuff and a remarkably comfortable shape add up to the premier Dreamcast controller.

·  Unique Eight Button Layout: Six Arcade-Style Buttons On Top, Two Shoulder Triggers Underneath
·  Fully-Programmable
·  Auto-Fire
·  Analog Thumb Stick
·  Ideal For Fighting And Sports Games
·  $29.99

LAZ 11/10/2000  - Most consoles usually only come with one controller; I guess the console people think there is only one kid in the house, and the kid doesn't like to play with his/her parents. I don't personally know anyone who plays games by themselves all of the time. So sooner or later you're going to need to get another controller so two people can play. This controller is an excellent choice! Read on to find out why.

I tested this controller on NFL 2k, NBA 2k, and a slew of arcade style games.

LAZ Review Breakdown 84
First Impression At first look, it is easy to tell that the controller is nicer looking than the stock controller that comes with the console. 8.5
Game(s) Included None. As usual, I would like to see a game with the controller. 5.0
Looks As I stated in my introduction, this controller is definately better looking than the stock controller. It was nice to see that InterAct was not simply trying to imitate the console's version of a controller. 8.5
Comfort It is easy to give this controller a good grade in the comfort category. When you play with it for a while and have to "share" your cool controller with your kid while you suffer with the stock unit, you appreciate in a hurry that this controller is much more comfortable than the stock one. The handles are much easier to hold on to, and the buttons are very easy to get to. 9.0
Construction The construction is excellent! Again a definate step up from the stock unit. 12.5
Playability The controller plays great. You get two more buttons, and they come in real handy in NFL 2k where you need all the buttons you can get. But the AutoFire alone is reason enough to upgrade to this controller. In NFL 2k you need to press A fast to get your guy to run faster. Well needless to say, as long as I used the Quantum FighterPad I was able to WOMP the competition! I could quickly assign the AutoFire to any key that I needed to, enabling me to kick and pass normally... but kick on the TURBO when it was time to move out. Write off the bat, I ran back a kickoff for a touchdown! That was it for me, I was hooked! 13.5
Value (price for what you get) This controller is an excellent value for the price, offering not just an extra controller for two people to play, but significant improvement over the stock unit. 13.0
Recommend to Others There is no question about it. And when you are ready to get yours, I would plan on getting a second - so two people can kick butt! Not to mention, you will likely get a lot of whining from the person who isn't fortunate enough to be playing with one. 14.0



  • Some grips for the handles would be nice.  During the normal sweat of kicking butt and takin' names, the controller can get slick.